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Pineapple Sativa

The Pineapple Sativa Autoflower is a cross between Blue Dream x White Widow, due to the crossing with ruderal it has become an autoflower, the plant is sativa dominant and of very good quality.

The weed seeds are ideal for starting growers because they are very easy to maintain. This weed plant is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation and can provide a very good yield under the right conditions. Because of their long and slender growth, they get quite high. So give them enough room to grow!

The weed has a typical haze taste with a sweet, fresh and fruity influence. You get nicely stoned from smoking the weed with a cheerful and energetic high.


Brand: California Seeds
Genetics: 35% indica / 65% sativa
Parents: Blue Dream x White Widow
Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks
Operation: Creative and Relaxing
Indoor yield: 550 – 650 gr/m2
Heigth inside: 80 – 130 cm
Plants outside: Beginning of May
Yield outside: 50 – 250 gr/plant
Heigth outside: 100 – 150 cm
Harvest outdoors: End of September – beginning of October
Available as: Feminized

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