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Candy Kush

The California Candy Kush is a small, fine variety with a relatively high yield. The species has a high resistance to diseases and fungi, making it extremely good for the novice grower. The wonderfully sweet cannabis plant is made by a number of California kush genes. The plant is, as mentioned earlier, easy to grow. It only takes 65-75 days to mature. The ripe buds are covered with resin and with orange pimples stand out against the lime-green buds, truly a feast for the eyes.

 California Candy Kush seeds are very rewarding for a plant that has a short and firm, ample growth structure. The plants remain around 50-60 cm when they are grown indoor. Under perfect conditions, it is possible to harvest up to 400g / m2 of weed. The weed is described as very strong with a powerful effect, caused by the THC content. With a wonderfully sweet taste with notes of caramel and spices. The inhaled smoke from California Candy Kush is sweet but will mow you down with its intense body stone. That is why medicinal users also appreciate the strong narcotic effect.


Brand California Seeds
Genetics: 60% indica / 40% sativa (runderalis)
Parents Pounder x Kush
Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks
Operation: DDry mouth & relaxing
Indoor yield: 400 gr/m2
Heigth inside: 50-80 cm
Plants outside: Beginning of may
Yield outside: 750-1200 gr/plant
Heigth outside: 50-80 cm
Harvest outdoors: Beginning of October
Available as: Feminized

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