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Blueberry Headband

It is known that there are different versions of the Blueberry Headband. Which of course is not surprising considering the popularity of the parent tribes.

Growers can expect medium-bushy plants and huge yields of very resinous buds.

 In the words of Humboldt Seeds itself: “Blueberry Headband is the beautiful fusion of size and power.” Received from a cross between Humboldt’s own Headband x Dj Shorts Original Blueberry. These tempting cannabis seeds will show you what it’s all about with West Coast Cannabis! And all this with a flowering period of just 60 days!



Brand: California Seeds
Genetics: 70% indica / 30% sativa
Parents: Blueberry x 707 Headband
Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
Operation: Energetic, Euphoric and Relaxed
Medicinal: Against anxiety, pain and depression.
Yield inside: 450-600 gr / m2
Plants outside: Beginning of May
Yield outside: 1000-1400 gr / plant
Harvest outdoors: Late September – early October.
Available as: Feminized

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