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Blood Diamond

Blood diamond OG is a modern version of the OG Kush. Both growers and users cannot get enough of it. Growers love it because of the beautiful shape, the tight body with glittering, golden tops.

This weed is also widely used for medical reasons because of its powerful and long-lasting effects. This strain provides total relaxation and provides relief from pain and muscle spasms. It can also make you feel spiritually euphoric.

Blood Diamond OG is the result of an unknown strain crossed with OG Kush and has the well-known OG aroma of Citrusden supported by fuel undertones. These sparkling buds are condensed and have a strong odour, they are definitely a beauty to show off.


Brand California Seeds
Genetics: 100% Indica
Parents Og Kush x unknown
Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
Operation: Creative & sleepy
Indoor yield: 450-600 gr/m2
Heigth inside: 80-120 cm
Plants outside: Early May
Yield outside: 700-900 gr/plant
Heigth outside: 120-200 cm
Harvest outside: Early October
Available as: Feminized


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