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Welcome to California Seeds

California Seeds is a new company that focuses on selling Cannabis Seeds exclusively from America. More and more states have legalized cannabis in the last 7 years. Where initially only Colorado and Washington have legalized weed, there are now more than 25 states that have a smoother policy on weed. 

Due to the legalization of Cannabis in these states, the variety of varieties has taken an enormous leap. From the world famous “Girl Scout Cookie” to the newer varieties such as “Forrest Fruit”. 

California Seeds has an amazing and exclusive selection of feminized, autoflowering and CBD seeds. Every species that we sell has been tested extensively, so we are sure of well-feminized seeds and can ultimately offer the best weed for you as a customer, at an affordable price! 

Because all our seeds are feminized, you don’t have to look for the male plant to get it in between. That way you can keep concentrating on producing big beautiful buds! Whether you are looking for a Sativa or an Indica, we have something for everyone! 

The seeds undergo regular tests so that the quality is well preserved. We also package our seeds in medicinal packaging to protect against bumps, drops and other causes. Guaranteed optimum quality! We also offer a 99% germination guarantee for your seeds!




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